Importance of survival kit

Learn why some items are essential when traveling through nature

Do you want to leave home to travel and not have extra problems in an emergency situation? So, the tip is to always have a survival kit close by , see? They are very important, as they have items that can help you eat and find direction in times of risk. Do you want to know more about this ally of your safety, tranquility and comfort? Come with me!

Options for all styles

Look, there are different models of survival kit , because some are more used in the military and there are others that are recommended for use in camps. The ideal is to choose the one that has more to do with your goal. For example, the complete kit comes with items for food, shelter, fire, signage and navigation. Wow!!

Compact cheetah kit: now, if the idea is to have a compact kit, but ideal to avoid being caught off guard in different situations, this cheetah survival kit gathers the essential accessories to use in everyday life and serves for fishing trips and camping trips, saw ?

Only his knife can be used for 11 types of use, since it includes functions such as can opener, bottle opener, screwdriver, Philips key, knife, scissors, saw and 5 spatulas for different uses. And the kit also has a compass, knife, flashlight and key chain. Very practical!

This kit is compact, but has essential items for everyday use

5 item cheetah kit: this survival kit can be very useful on a camping trip to have more survival resources, you know? It comes with a mini flashlight, a pocket knife that also works as a fire starter and an emergency whistle that helps in locating in case you get lost!

In addition, there is also a light, efficient and great compass for locating positions on maps, and the first aid kit for storing medicines and first aid materials. And the good thing is that with it you can manage well on a trail, camping or fishing, right? I loved it!

This survival kit is practical and very useful on camping trips

Attack One Kit: as a survival kit it takes into account the military world, it is quite complete, ok? In addition to the fire starter, carabiner with compass, chemical light and emergency whistle, among other survival items, it comes with hygiene products, sewing kit, first aid items and fishing.

The cool thing is that all this kit comes with 100 products, see? So, for those who go camping and spend many days in the camping, it can be a good one because it will hardly leave important things behind. Very good!

10 essential things for your survival backpack

Having a survival backpack at home is extremely useful. Find out what are the 10 essential items you should have in your survival backpack.

While you may think it is silly to prepare for something that will probably never happen like a zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion, some disasters are more common than you think. Natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes are no joke. There is a complacency that nothing will happen, but if that big earthquake happens, many people will not have access to basic resources or needs. Even now, floods in Colorado have left more than 1,000 people missing, with many likely to be isolated.

Now that I have your attention, it’s time to get ready. One of the most basic things you can do to prepare is to create a survival backpack. A survival backpack is a lightweight survival kit designed to help you survive up to 72 hours during a disaster. These are useful for disasters that require you to remain sheltered, such as a blackout or hurricane, because the contents will help in almost any situation. The key, however, is to be as light and compact as possible so it’s easy to carry. Let’s go to the 10 essential items you must have in your survival backpack.

Rope Strings

The rope goes with the canvas. You will need rope to make a canvas shelter, but there are also thousands of other uses for it.


Knives are indeed extremely useful in these situations. We recommend taking three knives if you have space. One should be a great survival knife for heavy things like chopping wood. The second should be less for everyday things. And the third must be a multi-tool like the Swiss. The latter saves you from having to carry many tools with you.

Survival kit

This may be cheating on us, but many companies make survival kits that include an important number of items. You can use this addition with or instead of the first aid kit because they usually come with medical supplies. The important parts of the kit are waterproof matches, fishing lines, a fire starter, compass and shiny tubes. You can find a lot of these survival kits that meet your specific needs.

Emergency Radio/Radio Hand Crank

If you left the house and went to the jungle, you must not completely disconnect from the world. Knowledge and communication are vital in emergency situations. A hand-cranked or battery powered radio will help provide the latest news, weather and evacuation updates. If there is a blackout and you can no longer watch TV, this may be good for entertainment purposes. Your mental health is also important.


Finally, nothing is more important than money. If there is a blackout or disaster, ATMs and banks may no longer work, but you will still need something to buy things from stores or people.


That’s right, a canvas. When you go to pick up your backpack and go out into the world, you will need shelter. Survival expert Leon Pantenburg gave me some convincing arguments that a tarp is one of the best survival tools you can have.


You will obviously take your clothes off your back when you survive, but you should put on enough to last three days. When selecting clothes, use common sense based on your region. If you live in hot climates, you will not need to put on snow jackets, but also be aware that if it gets cold, you must have clothes that are versatile.

First aid kit

If you find yourself wearing the survival backpack, danger is usually close at hand. Since injuries can mean certain death in many survival situations, a first aid kit is essential. Don’t worry about those huge, complicated kits, however. It must be something only essential like bandages, sutures, anti-inflammatory pills and some other things are sufficient.

Bagged food

The next important thing is food. It may be your desire to put some of your favorite foods in the survival backpack, but it is important to remember that only imperishable foods should enter the backpack. Always change food to prevent spoiling. Some great suggestions to pack in your backpack include dehydrated and canned food. You can find these foods at any supermarket.

SAN FRANCISCO – JUNE 19: Pre-Packaged salad sits on the shelf at a Bell Market grocery store June 19, 2003 in San Francisco, California. Packaged salad which was near non-existent a decade ago has become the second fastest selling item on grocery shelves behind bottle water, overall the retail market for bagged salad is $2 billion annually. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)


First of all it is water. Food is always at the top of these lists, but water is much more essential because you cannot survive long without water. It is good to have a gallon of water for each person every day. Since this can be very heavy, many prefer to carry a full bottle of water along with a water purification system in case you run out of water and need to replace it.

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