Losing important equipment during combat or in extreme sports can mean a great risk to health, in addition to financial loss. To avoid this situation and provide a more comfortable transport of objects, the so-called MOLLE system was developed.

MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, which means Modular Light Transport System, in Portuguese. It is a technology developed by the United States Armed Forces and is currently present in backpacks, vests, and clothing for outdoor sports and army missions.

Do you want to know more about the MOLLE system and how it can be used in your daily life? Check out this article that we have prepared for you. Good reading!

Learn the history of the MOLLE system

The MOLLE is a system for loading equipment in clothes or backpacks that often do not have enough space for everything you need. Thus, the MOLLE system expands the compartments and allows you to attach different objects to your vest, pants or backpack


The MOLLE system was created in 1997, with the aim of replacing the backpacks, belts and uniforms of soldiers who had the “ALICE” system. In this old method, the equipment was attached to eyelets embedded in strips, forming small holes. However, with the locomotion and the heavy weight of the army’s artifacts, many materials loosened from the system and were lost, which generated a higher cost and left a trail for the enemy.


Currently, MOLLE is used by NATO and also by the British and American army. For them, this is standard equipment, as it is the most advanced technology at the moment to carry a load from one corner to another.

For adventurers and outdoor sports enthusiasts, the MOLLE system is used to attach tents, water bottles, lanterns, climbing tools, among others.

Often, objects are attached with ropes, which can break and cause the loss of part of the equipment. Therefore, MOLLE is very popular with people who like to camp, for example, mainly because of the ease and security of the entire system.

Understand how this system works

MOLLE-system US Army

MOLLE allows the user to have quick access to the things he is carrying. With it, it is possible to create compartments in the backpack in a modular way. Basically, the system consists of several nylon straps, widely used in backpacks, in which other bands are intertwined, which can store equipment such as knives, extra pockets, among others.

That way, it is possible to attach several items and other compartments so that you can take more objects. For example, the back of a backpack is used, most of the time, to carry heavier objects. The front part can be used to take clothes and other objects that may be useful and that need quick access.

MOLLE system (front view)

For using the MOLLE system in an urban environment, it is possible to carry only the smallest pockets – to place documents and a cell phone, for example. There are several possibilities for personalization, which can be modified according to your daily life and your needs.

Despite being very fixed, the MOLLE system also has a quick release: just remove the button that holds it. Thus, in the event of an emergency, only a part of the equipment can be taken.

See 4 advantages of using it

Check now what are the main benefits of the MOLLE system!

1. Modular system


With a modular storage system, the user has the possibility to remove and add pockets as needed or according to the situation, such as accidents and places that present risks. In addition, it is possible to help a person at risk more quickly, by removing that specific pocket and taking it to the place in a more agile way.

2. Practicality

Practicality is one of the great advantages of the MOLLE system. Having the most important equipment at hand can make all the difference when it comes to practicing an extreme sport or the need for a first aid kit.

3. Customizable system

Safety equipment like tactical vests already comes with predefined pockets and compartments. With that, it is necessary to go to the store, look one by one, and choose the model that best suits your needs. However, with the MOLLE system, it is possible to buy the pockets separately and customize according to your activity.

4. Well-distributed weight

By providing a better distribution of equipment throughout the backpack, vest, or clothing, this system ensures better mobility during intense activities, without disturbing your balance.

Find out how to choose this product

Choosing equipment with the MOLLE system is not a difficult task. Since it is a standard system, you already know that it will work anyway, regardless of the brand of backpack or vest. However, it is necessary to purchase compartments specific to your needs.


In other cases, in order to have quick access to a knife or some other tool, it is necessary to acquire a specific pocket for these accessories, so that they can be placed in an easier way in the luggage. Thus, these objects are not lost at the bottom of the backpack.

It is easy to identify a product with the MOLLE system: just check if it has nylon strips. There are some variations that are being launched on the market, which are produced in rubber and offer even more grip between the equipment and the MOLLE system.

As you have seen, the MOLLE system can make all the difference in loading equipment – for extreme sports, hiking or even army soldiers. With modules that are attached to the body and guarantee firmness, the objects do not get swayed, providing the necessary balance and agility for their activity.


Preparing a meal in a camp kitchen is always different because you don’t have access to all the utensils you would have at home. Some people don’t like this part of the adventure and prefer to stay in campsites with a restaurant or kitchen. However, there are those who think this is the best part of the camp!

Before camping, it is important to make a meal planning to know what ingredients and equipment will be needed to prepare meals. If you want to know what utensils to take to have a nice banquet at the camp and some practical recipes, check out this article that we have prepared for you. Good reading!

Utensils for a camping kitchen

1. Fogareiro

There are two types of camp stoves most common. One uses gas refills, with a square and very stable structure, where the refill is next to the mouth used for cooking. This stove is ideal for more structured campsites.

The second model uses another type of gas refill docked underneath the mouth. It is simpler, smaller, and lighter than the first, but it is less stable, making cooking with larger pots difficult. This model is suitable for faster trekking and camping.

2. Cookware

You can take everyday pans to the camp kitchen, but they usually don’t fit and are very bulky. For those who seek practicality, there are some pot sets that fit together, optimizing the storage space.

The amount and type of pot depends on the number of people in the camp and the type of food that will be prepared. Make a list of meals before separating the pans you are taking.

3. Dishes

Avoid bringing plates of breakable material to your camping kitchen, such as glass, ceramics and porcelain. The ideal is to have reusable and more resistant plates such as plastic, silicone, wood or aluminum.

4. Cutlery

It is always important to have cutlery around in a camp, even if you do not plan to cook. There are some sets of camping cutlery in which the spoon, fork, and knife are smaller than normal and are joined by some material, which facilitates transport.

5. Flint

The flint is a device that produces sparks when rubbing against metal parts, mainly iron. This process is similar to that of the lighter, but the latter has gas and produces a direct flame. To make a fire anywhere using flint, just a little bit of vegetation is needed.

However, the most suitable in cases of camping is to bring specific equipment for cooking instead of building fires. Depending on the location, it can get out of control and cause problems. If it is really necessary to make one, check if there is authorization for it.

6. Multifunctional tools

The multifunctional tools are great equipment for a camp kitchen because together in one object as some functions can opener, knife, pliers, flint, among others. They are lightweight and do not take up much room and can be taken on walks and other outdoor activities.

Recipes to prepare in the camp kitchen

If you are going to camp somewhere where there is no commerce nearby, here are some simple recipes for which you can bring all the necessary spices and ingredients.

Pasta with sausage sauce
  • Pasta of your choice
  • Pepperoni sausage
  • Bell pepper
  • Onion
  • Tomato Sauce

This recipe is ideal for short camps. You can make cooking easier and save fuel on the stove by cooking pasta and sausage at home. When you get to the camp, just put all the ingredients in the pan and heat up!

Mini pizza
  • pizza dough ready;
  • cheese;
  • pepperoni (or any other meat);
  • tomato;
  • onion.

This recipe doesn’t need an oven: put the dough in a frying pan with the other ingredients and then cover it!

Hot dog
  • bread
  • sausage
  • pea
  • corn
  • ready sauce

Place the sausage to cook, heat the sauce and ride the snack.

Freeze meats and other perishable ingredients, so that they are wrapped in blocks of ice and thus take longer to thaw. The food will stay fresh longer.

As you can see, it is not necessary to bring many utensils to your camping kitchen, after all, the recipes are also very practical. Just make a checklist and be prepared!

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