At the beginning of 2015, the well-known American company 5.11 Tactical introduced several knife innovations, including the new series of folding knives 5.11 DTP Knife (Drop in The Pocket), which was designed by experienced American craftsman Michael Vellekampa (Mike Vellekamp), previously working on Fox Knives USA, Blade-Tech and Spyderco, and now the founder of his own custom brand, Mike Vellekamp Knives.

The new 5.11 DTP series is a continuation of the popular budget line of relatively small folding knives 5.11 Little Big Knives (Wharn for Duty, DRT Folding Knife, LDE Tanto Folding Knife, Mini-pin Folding Knife), which was also developed by Michael Wellekamp. Knife 5.11 DTP Knife is distinguished by a new combined color scheme, as well as the fact that, unlike knives 5.11 Little Big Knives, where the standard Liner-Lock is used, Back-Lock is used in 5.11 DTP.

Another important difference 5.11 DTP Knife, in addition to design, is the country of manufacture of the blade. Prior to this series, if my memory serves me right, the blades of 5.11 Tactical knives were mainly made in Taiwan, however, the 5.11 DTP knife now features the China label. This did not affect the cost of the knife, the knife is far from the cheapest in the collection, however, there are no complaints about the knife’s blade and sharpening, as well as the overall quality of the assembly of the product.

The blade 5.11 DTP Knife is made of AUS8 stainless steel, the hardness of the steel used is unfortunately not specified by the manufacturer, usually 5.11 Little Big Knives used steel with a hardness between 57-60 HRC. The blade is covered with a matte black Teflon coating, which, in my subjective experience with the use of 5.11 Tactical knives, is really durable and for a long time retains its original appearance.

The design of the modified spear-shaped blade provides deep and wide notches for the thumb, a finger-like recess, which also improves the convenience of manipulating the knife when performing “thin” work, as well as a through drop-shaped hole for direct extraction of the blade. The full length of the blade is 65 mm, the maximum width of the blade is 35 mm, the butt thickness is exactly 3 mm, the maximum height of the rectangular section is 22 mm, the height of the slopes is 14 mm, the height of the cutting edge is slightly more than 1 mm, and the length of the cutting edge is about 55 mm.

The handle of the folding knife is formed by metal liners, a wide spring-loaded stainless steel Back-Lock and two textured lining made of black nylon reinforced with fiberglass, the lining is fixed with four pairs of bolts under the small hexagon that comes with the kit. The handle is comfortable and reliable in the hand, a textured pattern and diagonal elongated holes prevent the knife from slipping. The handle design provides convenient fingertip recesses, a rigid metal clip with the company logo, which can be fixed both under the right and under the left hand, as well as a through hole for the lanyard.

The full length of the opened knife 5.11 DTP Knife is slightly more than 165 mm, closed 98 mm, maximum width 41 mm, handle thickness 11 mm, with a clip 17 mm. The total weight of the knife is about 95 grams.

It is relatively convenient to work with 5.11 DTP Knife, without loosening the axial bolt, the blade is removed with one hand extremely tightly, you can fold the knife with one hand, but this will require additional emphasis on the butt. It is worth noting that with this option of folding, there is a high probability of “folding” the blade on your fingers.

5.11 DTP Knife should be considered as a backup knife or a small everyday knife for performing simple tasks, for example, disclosing correspondence, cutting a fishing line, sharpening a pencil, stripping a cable, etc. Thanks to its original design, 5.11 DTP Knife cannot be considered as a means of self-defense , he also works poorly in the kitchen due to the insufficient length of the cutting edge, not to mention the camping and field conditions.

To conduct the review, a folding pocket knife 5.11 DTP Knife was ordered from a specialized online store Tactical Gear, the approximate cost of the order was $ 48. The availability and final cost of placing an order must first be clarified with the store manager.


It’s not a secret for anyone that the choice of field-toed socks is one of the key moments during the preparation of equipment, the wrong or neglected choice of which can endanger, regardless of the “technological” and “tactfulness” of shoes, even the most innocent venture, and turn it in the present torment with quite significant consequences. I take the choice of socks very seriously, given the various areas of use, as well as the variety of personal and tested shoes.

Usually, my hiking socks are divided into three specific groups: summer, demi-season, and winter, but for the last two years, as an experiment, I decided to stop only one, designed for use throughout the year. In autumn 2013, he discovered trekking socks with the commercial name Year-Round OTC Sock, produced by the well-known American brand 5.11 Tactical. This model of socks appeared on the market in 2012 and to this day are still one of the flagship models in the line of socks of this manufacturer.

Despite the fact that already 2016 is drawing to a close, socks are in order, and still have not required any repairs, only washing. At the beginning of the 5.11 Year Round OTC Sock was used mainly in the autumn-winter period and the first months of spring, in the summer thinner 5.11 Taclite 6 ″ Sock (5.11 Summer 6 ″ Sock) were used, which were enough for two seasons. Further, regardless of time and weather, only 5.11 Year Round OTC Sock was used, the result you can see in the photo.

Yes, socks have already lost their original color and shape, in places they have become thinner, but on the whole they have retained their integrity and functionality (compression support, moisture removal, skin protection). It is difficult to say how much antibacterial treatment has retained its properties, but subjectively, there are still no problems with smell after a day of use, the socks were dried and were used without problems the next morning. For comparison, almost new exactly the same socks are placed on the photo, which so far have passed no more than 45 km and two washings.

In general, I was very pleased with the 5.11 Year Round OTC Sock socks, they did an excellent job with any shoes used, especially the new one, which required excellent posting, protecting my feet from corns. Socks really do excellent moisture removal, leaving the feet reasonably dry and dry relatively quickly. Fully wet socks continue to keep warm, not as much as we would like, but quite comfortable. The only problem I encountered when using the 5.11 Year Round OTC Sock was mainly their height, which in the warmer months, I think, is excessive. Alternatively, you can choose the shorter 5.11 Year Round Crew Sock.

Today, high tracking socks 5.11 Year Round OTC Sock are still available for sale, there are two sizes to choose from (S / M, L / XL) and three color options (Coyote, Black, Foliage), regardless of which choice the cost of socks will be about $ 20.


In 2012, the well-known American brand 5.11 Tactical significantly expanded its range in various categories, including the collection of equipment for protecting the organs of vision, introducing several new products at once, including the new series of 5.11 Cavu glasses. In this series, which is still available for order and has not undergone any changes after more than 5 years, three models are presented, including version 5.11 of the Cavu Full Frame Polarized.

Cavu 5.11 series safety glasses, like most other models from 5.11, are manufactured by the American company Wiley X, which is well known for its protective products for both the sports and military-tactical markets. Version 5.11 of the Cavu Full Frame Polarized, which will be discussed in this article, differs from the base 5.11 Cavu Full Frame model only in the presence of polarized lenses, while the overall configuration is absolutely identical.

The glasses are delivered in a hard case (18 x 9 x 6 cm, 104 g), which closes with a regular twisted zipper, inside the case there is a soft, slightly fluffy lining. On the back side of the cover there is a universal fastening with a push-button lock, which allows you to carry the cover on both platform equipment elements (backpack, bag, vest, bib, belt, etc.) with PALS slings, and on a regular trouser belt. Inside the case there are safety glasses in a transparent bag, a wipe case, an adjustable fixing cord 5.11 SlickStick and a small user manual.

Glasses of the 5.11 Cavu Full Frame series are made in a relatively modern “civilian” style, they do not attract too much attention, stand out like ordinary semi-sports sunglasses. Unlike version 5.11 of the Cavu Half Frame, in which there is almost no rim on the bottom edge, Full Frame models do not provide for the possibility of quick lens replacement, which, of course, significantly reduces the scope of this version.

The frame and temples of the 5.11 Cavu Full Frame Polarized glasses (136 x 46 x 5 mm, 32 g) have a two-component structure, which is formed by the TR-90 rigid glossy polyamide polymer, as well as anti-slip rubber linings of the nose plate and partially arches, which make it possible to fix the glasses quite reliably without the need for additional safety cords and elastic bands. The full length of the arches is about 120 mm, the thickness varies from 3 to 5 mm. This thickness, subjectively, creates some discomfort with prolonged use of headphones.

Protective polarized lenses (3.5 x 7.5 x 2 mm), according to the manufacturer, are made of ballistic polycarbonate in accordance with the standards ANSI Z87.1-2010, MIL-PRF-32432GL and EN-166 FT, which guarantees reliable protection against fast-flying particles and other possible mechanical damage, as well as complete protection against harmful ultraviolet radiation (UV-A, UV-B). In addition, the manufacturer guarantees that the lenses have an additional anti-fog and protective coating, which protects the lens from scratches and abrasions.

In general, the 5av Cavu Full Frame Polarized goggles proved to be quite convenient and practical both in the daily cycle and in the field. During quite a long period of use, small and yet insignificant scuffs appeared on the lenses, mainly from the outside, as well as a small working out on the gum of the bearing, while the gum itself was fixed reliably. The temples of the glasses seemed to me overly dense, but at the same time, their mount is very flexible and, despite the snug fit, eliminates the discomfort of squeezing.

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