Have you ever heard or even said the famous phrase “I never thought this could happen to me”? Well, the truth is that life is a box of surprises and we are never sure what will come. However, our inability to predict the future should not be a reason to neglect and not prepare for bad situations. In this sense, putting together a survival kit is one of the ways to be ready for unpredictable moments.

So, even if everything seems to be under control, we need to remember that adverse situations can happen. With that in mind, we have prepared this article with everything you need to know to assemble your survival kit and be able to carry out your activities with much more security. Check out!

Why have a survival kit?

As stated, although we imagine that no unforeseen events will happen to us, the truth is that we cannot predict the future. There are countless day-to-day variables that we cannot control, such as sudden changes in the climate, natural disasters, health problems, among others.

When these variables arise and we are in an environment known and prepared for adversity, we don’t have many problems. However, any adversity in non-routine situations can complicate things.

And that is precisely why the survival kit is so important in some situations: it gives us tools so that we can solve problems even in totally unprepared environments.

We can imagine, for example, a situation in which there is a shortage of drinking water. In that case, a portable filter can save lives! Another example, and this is quite common, is the sudden change in the climate. Imagine that you are on a trail and the temperature drops suddenly, a thermal suit can prevent you from having attacks of hypothermia.

Now it’s easy to answer the question “why have a survival kit”, isn’t it? The reason is simple: it can help you solve unexpected problems, facilitate your activities, mitigate risky situations and even save lives!

When is the survival kit needed?

The truth is that survival kits can be useful at any time, since they are usually equipped with objects of various uses, such as multi-purpose pocket knives. However, there are activities in which they are not just an option, but a necessity.

This is the case of activities carried out in forests, places far from urban centers, on beaches, waterfalls and several other places that do not have a structure aimed at our safety. We have separated some examples of times when your survival kit should be with you:

In general, whenever you do a different activity, in a place that does not have basic survival equipment, your kit will be important!

What are the main items of a survival kit?

To assemble your kit, think about what you need to survive for at least 72 hours during a disaster. This number can be scary, but extreme situations must be considered for the kit to be truly complete.

The fundamental tip is to think of an option that is lightweight and compact, as this makes it easier to carry anywhere. To better assist you, if you don’t know where to start, check below which items should be in your kit.


This item doesn’t even need to be remembered, does it? However, what is worth mentioning is how you will obtain or store it. That said, be careful to bring a water purifier (chlorin) – or  learn to purify it  – and storage containers, such as a canteen or pet bottle.

Another nice tip is to take cans of tomato sauce or soft drinks, since they can serve as a support for boiling something, if necessary.


Especially if your destination is a  cold place , you need to take a way to make a fire, such as lighters, matches, flints of coal or fabric and cotton balls or magnifying glass to start the flame.

Keep in mind that it is not necessary to take them all, but it is important to have more than one way to produce fire and keep warm, okay?


The shelter is a fundamental part of an outdoor experience, especially if it is longer. Often, it is necessary to set up a small camp to spend the night and, therefore, it is important to take a piece of canvas that protects you from climatic variations.


When doing a  trail , it is common for some people to get lost along the way, being found hours or even days later. If the food you took runs out, what should be done? In this case, it is valid to put small hooks, a strong fishing line and a slingshot to knock fruit from the trees into the backpack. Also remember to bring salt and sugar to season your food.

Another item that cannot be missing from your complete survival kit is   non-perishable food . With it, you avoid eating spoiled food and then increase your stamina. However, be careful: pay close attention to the expiration date, remembering to always check it before leaving and, if necessary, change the input.

Signaling objects

Make sure you have something that will serve as a signal if you get lost:  a whistle , a mirror to reflect the light, colored smoke bombs or those that make noise. All of these elements can serve to attract attention.


You may be thinking, “but why have a compass if I have the cell phone’s GPS?” And it is true, the cell phone GPS is very useful in everyday life, but it is not enough for risky situations, as they depend on signals for the internet to work and on a short battery that can run out when you need it most.

So, in this case, it is recommended that you use a  compass  to guide you or serve as a second option if your cell phone does not work. To use it you need to know where you are and which direction you want to go, since it points to Magnetic North. So take a detailed map of the region with you and get to know the place well to avoid any major problems.

Thermal blanket

In addition to taking objects that start the fire, reserving a space in your kit for a thermal blanket can help – a lot! –  survival in the forest . This is because it serves to keep you warm and can save you from possible hypothermia, if the environment is very cold.

Knife, pocket knife and machete

When making a trail it is good to have at least some cutting object. You cannot enter the forest without having one of these as support, either to cut some food or to defend yourself against the different threats that may arise.

For example, imagine that you got lost on a trail with your friends and you need wood to make a fire and build a support for your shelter. If you don’t have a sharp knife, how will you do it?

So, try to find space to carry three knives: a bigger one for situations like this, a smaller one for everyday events, and a  multi-tool  – so that you avoid taking other objects and carrying more weight.

First aid kit

First aid kits are especially important, as they have a number of very useful items, such as medicines, gloves, plaster, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, Band Aid etc. That is, if someone is ill or gets cut, these items will be of great help.


There is no need to talk about the importance of this item in our lives, is it? However, it is always good to remember that just passing the protector at home is not enough. Keep it in your survival kit, after all, if your activity lasts many hours, you will need to pass it on.


Many people, when planning a trail, a day at the beach or even a night of camping, forget about a very important item: the repellent. However, this should not happen, as insects not only cause skin irritations, they also transmit diseases.

So, whenever you go to places that are not very urbanized, with vegetation, rivers, lakes or even places that you don’t know, remember to use the repellent and take it with you in your kit.


The strings are part of the multipurpose accessory group. They will be of great help in case you need to tie something up, climb up somewhere, set up a sleeping hut, help someone who is stuck and much more.

How to choose what to take?

When assembling your kit, you need to take into consideration the type of activity that will be performed and the place where it will take place, so that you can choose the items that best match your context.

If you have no experience, please make sure you are not forgetting anything or even want to have a complete kit, you can also opt for options that are sold ready-made.

These kits,  like the Treme Terra kit , contain not only the basics, but all essential items, such as emergency, sewing,  first aid  – designed and developed to assist in unforeseen events in the jungle and designed for you to assemble it according to your situation. In addition, the best thing is that all items are of high quality to ensure your safety.

Remember that it is not necessary to carry all the items in the kit. The important thing is that you take it according to your need at the moment – and it depends on each one and the chosen adventure. However, the advantage of having a complete survival kit is that you will have everything you need to go on that trail with friends or on a family outing.

Now that you know how to create yours, it’s time to assemble it! Access our online  store  and find the necessary products for your kit.

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