Survival kit: What’s the best of 2020?

If you are passionate about adventure and can’t resist a challenging trail, you certainly wanted to bring Batman’s famous “utility belt”. Or even, having MacGyver’s ability to get away from any situation carrying only items from a survival kit with you.

So, first of all, you need to have this set of tools on hand, right? With that in mind, we have produced this article, which will explain everything about survival kits and everything important to carry on your adventures. Thus, you will be able to choose the perfect material to guarantee your safety in all the challenges of your missions.

The most important

Just like the right clothes and shoes, a survival kit is essential for those who like to venture out – especially in nature -. It is the key to any challenge that does not exceed safety limits.

The best survival kits usually include a knife or razor, a flashlight, a compass and some kind of fire igniter. These are the four essential items to promote tranquility, whether in camping or on a risky trail.

One of the most important purchasing criteria is the type of activity. It is because of it that you will be able to choose the most suitable items to compose your survival kit. We will talk about this and other aspects in more detail at the end of this article.

The best survival kits on the market: our favorites

Choosing a survival kit is, above all, a very personal matter. However, there are basic features that need to be present, whatever your style. Among so many options on the market, we have selected some of the best rated ones and will present them from now on. Check out:

The military knife equipped with a survival kit

The Titan knife is designed with fundamental features for survival situations and has everything you need at your fingertips. It has a steel alloy handle and a stainless steel blade with a serrated edge, a sheath made of synthetic material and a metallic snitch, capable of breaking glass. Versatile, it brings items that can guarantee your safety and survival in inhospitable situations, such as the hole for the faithful, screwdriver and Philips key and compass.

The most compact and versatile survival kit

Have you ever imagined a survival kit smaller than your own smartphone , that fits in any corner of your backpack? That’s exactly what you’re seeing. With this kit, you have several tools that will be useful in any situation.

Produced in high density stainless steel, it is resistant, practical, and includes, among its various functions, spanners, blowtorches, blowguns, whistles and even flints for making fires.

The complete and functional survival kit

If you are adventurous, this is a worthwhile investment. Easy to transport, it will keep you prepared for any type of emergency.

Whether for use in camping or on the trail, it is a survival kit that brings tools to keep you safe, from tactical pen and compass to fire igniter and emergency blanket, all in a waterproof and shockproof box. This product is sold by Amazon Americana, but can be delivered in Brazil .

Shopping guide: What you need to know about the survival kit

You have certainly come this far because you are concerned with ensuring your safety during your sports or nature adventures. As it is common to have questions about the most appropriate survival kit, we have prepared this guide with the answers to the most common questions regarding this set that can guarantee your safety. Follow.

What is a survival kit?

The survival kit is usually a case or box that contains a series of essential tools to help in extreme situations and ensure safety. At first used in military expeditions, it became fundamental in the practice of trails and other extreme sports.

Depending on the type of use, a kit may contain more or less items.

On the market, there are specific kits, formatted for each type of activity. Therefore, it is common to find sets with subsistence tools, such as a fire igniter, knife and saw, as well as the more compact ones, with location items, such as a compass and flashlight. Strings and sleeping bags are also present in several survival kits.

What are the advantages of a survival kit?

For those just starting out in the adventure world, it can be difficult to know precisely what benefits a survival kit brings. To help you understand the pros and cons of this acquisition, we have created an explanatory table. See the real usefulness of a set like this:


Brings useful articles in emergency situations

Helps keep your utensils organized and close at hand

It is usually cheap

Can be customizable according to activity

Made to ensure safety

Comes in sturdy and normally waterproof cases

Easy to transport

Very complete with regard to utensils


Requires understanding well how to handle each item

All utensils will rarely be used

What should it contain in a survival kit?

As we mentioned earlier, the items in your survival kit will depend, above all, on the activity you intend to do. However, in general, we can list the fundamental components so that a kit guarantees its total safety in adverse situations. See what they are:

Knife: an item that can also be replaced with a retractable razor, as in pocket knives, in some situations. It is an indispensable tool, since you never know when it will be necessary to cut something. A good knife can free the adventurer from many difficulties;

Flashlight: Walking or staying in an unknown place when night falls is unimaginable without adequate lighting. Therefore, the flashlight is in practically all models of survival kit available on the market;

Compass: you may even think it is unnecessary, as your smartphone has an advanced location system. However, it is important to remember that you will not always be in a location with signal coverage. Or, even worse, the cell phone battery may not last all the way;

Fire lighter or flint: If you are planning for a weekend away from the city, or if for some incident, you will need to spend the night outdoors, this item is essential. With it, you can not only warm up, but also light up the area, prepare something to eat and, especially, keep animals away from your camp.

What are the types of survival kits?

When planning your new adventure, it is essential to think of the most appropriate survival kit to accompany you, whether in the mountains or any other type of activity. As we talked about earlier, there are types of sets specific to each need.

Therefore, below you can check out the main types of survival kits, the utensils you usually bring and their basic characteristics. Thus, it will be easier to define the ideal set for your nine adventure.

Military or mountaineering kit: despite the subtle differences between the two kits, they can be considered of the same type. That’s because they often offer useful components to ensure self-defense and keep you safe. In these kits, it is common to find a knife, flashlight, water filters, thermal protector and compass;

First aid kit: although it has little to do with the kits we cover in this article, it is also composed of important utensils. It is usually useful for simple dressings and pre-care in emergencies. Normally, it has gauze, tape, thermometer, scissors, bands and products for asepsis of wounds.

How to use a survival kit?

It may not seem like it, but the survival kit is not only used in emergencies. On the contrary, he may be responsible for avoiding them. Having these utensils close at hand will ensure that you will be fine in any situation.

How you use your survival kit, however, depends on the items that make it up and the activity for which they will be used. In general, we can highlight some basic steps to ensure the best use of each utensil. Check it out:

Read the instructions carefully. This point is crucial for you to know all the components of your kit well. In addition, each manufacturer provides guidelines according to the product it offers. Read carefully the step by step of using the most common items;

Check that the knife or razor is sharp.  The main element of a survival kit is only valid if it can be used. It is useful for all kinds of tasks, from peeling a fruit to cutting a rope. Therefore, it is essential that the cutting edge is well sharpened;

Make sure about the flashlight battery. Always ensure any extra batteries or flashlight with auto loading mechanism, through dynamo or solar panel. Always keep in mind that this is an essential item, especially in activities on trails and mountains. If the kit chosen does not accompany the flashlight, purchase one separately;

Learn how to use the compass. Thus, if your GPS does not work for some reason (lack of signal or battery), you will be able to locate yourself, without any problems. Usually, the manuals provided by the manufacturer, explain the use of the compass. If you can’t, use tutorial videos on the Internet to learn;

Always have ropes on hand. For this, you can use a multipurpose bracelet, common in several types of survival kit. It is a bracelet made with high resistance rope. Unrolled, it can reach up to 5 meters in length. Some even have whistles and other accessories that can help you in an emergency, such as a whistle, compass and fire igniter.

Purchasing criteria

Surely you are a person who cares about safety, no matter how adventurous you are. Proof of this is his interest in a survival kit to ensure that nothing gets out of hand. So, to be fully ready for this adventure, it is worth evaluating the criteria that we have highlighted. Before purchasing, check each of these points. They can make a difference in their missions.




Quality of materials



Two aspects interfere with the portability of a survival kit: size and weight. Imagine walking an entire trail with extra weight in your backpack? So, before buying your set of utensils, look for options that are as portable as possible.

Observe the dimensions of the kit, the weight and the suitability of these factors with all other utensils that you will have to carry. But make this assessment carefully. A lightweight and easy-to-transport package is worthless if it does not contain the items essential for your safety.


As we have highlighted several times throughout this guide, the success of your purchase depends on this definition. To do this, reflect on where it will be used, what utensils you will need to stay within health and safety limits throughout your adventure.

If you are going camping with your family, you will certainly need different items than what you would need on a mountain farm, for example. Therefore, it is essential to know what is expected of a survival kit. Only then will you be sure that you are buying what you need for your activity.


Totally linked to the previous criterion, this point also concerns the different types of use of your survival kit. When defining which activity you want to practice, you will also be able to list the essential utensils so that your safety and well-being are guaranteed.

We emphasize that not all types of kit are the same – be it in terms of functions or composition -. Therefore, checking all the utensils in your set is an essential condition for you to make a successful purchase, with all the items you need.

Quality of materials

We are talking about a set of tools on which your security depends. This means that the quality of these items must be above any other characteristic. Therefore, check if the articles are produced in materials of guaranteed origin.

Also, assess the resistance level of these components. The safety rope, for example, must have passed tests that attest to its capacity to support weight and its protection against wear, especially against drying out by the action of time.

“Usually, the places where they practice extreme sports are for more than an hour away from the city or a hospital. That is why the survival kit is so important ”.

“Usually, the places where they practice extreme sports are for more than an hour away from the city or a hospital. That is why the survival kit is so important ”.


Modern civilization brought many innovations and technologies, but it also brought a very stressful routine. For this reason, many people try to escape the “stone jungle” whenever they can, to take shelter in the silence of nature and renew their energies. However, this activity requires care that guarantees the minimum of security and maintains its physical integrity. And for that, it is necessary to have tools capable of performing essential survival functions.

Throughout this guide, we show how a good survival kit can provide that peace of mind. We highlight the essential items to avoid any inconvenience during your adventure, according to the type of activity you intend to practice. Finally, we list some aspects that must be taken into account before purchasing your kit, so that you make the most appropriate and safe choice.

We hope to have clarified your doubts and helped you choose your survival kit. If you liked it, share it with your adventure companions and tell us your experiences here in the comments. Thank you and see you!

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