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A survival kit will be what will increase your chances of survival at high levels in the event of an accident in nature. Although it will also facilitate the transport of essential camping utensils thanks to its compact feature.

These survival kits should be considered as a mandatory item for every lover of adventure and the outdoors. You never know when things can go wrong and endanger your own life. With a kit prepared for survival, worries about a bad outcome will decrease.

In this buying guide , in addition to advising you where to buy the best types of survival kit, we will teach you everything you need to have your equipment and inform you about how to use it.

Types of Survival Kit

As we anticipated earlier, there are different commercial survival kits. Some are more generic, while others specialize in specific situations. Next, we will help you find the best cheap and quality survival kit , proposing the different types and uses of this equipment.

Mountain and hiking survival kit

This type of survival equipment will facilitate you to have all the essential objects for almost any situation. From a compass to a knife prepared in a small quick box.

If you do not know what you are going to face, or you are going to be in different natural situations, these toolkits can be ideal to prepare you in any drastic situation . It can be used from as an urban survival kit, to as a survival kit at sea. Thanks to its compact shape and waterproof feature.

Military survival kit

Military survival equipment should contain everything from tools for common practices, to objects that facilitate survival for weeks in the most difficult places to survive.

The military survival kit guarantees you have the chances of success in your favor as it is prepared for the most complex and difficult situations.

Survival kit for the cold

These thermal emergency blankets are ready to go in a small space and assemble in a few minutes. You can have a temporary shelter for any situation and time.

This equipment will provide you with a vital tool for the most extreme emergencies. Some kits even bring their own sleeping bags and survival bracelets.

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Survival food kit

We talk about objects, but you also have to have your energy source ready, another essential part of achieving success in an emergency situation. This food survival kit will make it easier for you to have food without needing a kitchen . Mind you, make sure you have water on hand.

Forget about canned survival food, with this emergency food supply you won’t have to worry about weight or space.

First aid box

A medicine cabinet also depends on your medicinal knowledge for its application. Having medications that can be accessed quickly and easily will make a difference when in trouble.

A first-aid kit is a purchase that you must make on a compulsory basis , whether it is to have at home, in your car or at hand in case you go into nature.

Survival kit for children

Survival kits are not recommended for minors as they may contain sharp weapons, fire mechanisms, or sharp objects. Luckily there are teams prepared for the little ones

These survival kits for children are designed to educate and teach the little ones in a fun way, how to act effectively in difficult situations.

Zombie survival kit

If there is something fun it is to fantasize about extreme and fictional situations, such as a zombie apocalypse . These types of sets are for fun and a good time. Today is fiction, but you never know when it can happen, what better than to be prepared?

There are several guides on how to make a homemade zombie survival kit, but a good set on the market makes it easy to immerse yourself in an apocalyptic situation.

Survival backpacks

If you want to carry your complete survival kit, then you will need a backpack where you can organize everything properly. These are prepared to contain fuel, food, a sleeping bag and even signaling equipment. In an emergency, it will be your first support for survival .

Buying a survival kit must be accompanied by a good backpack for optimal use.

Survival knives

A knife is a fundamental element in a survival situation. As a responsible adventurer, you should always carry one as a must-have item . Always make sure you have one in a backpack pocket close at hand.

While many basic survival kits bring it, there are others that don’t. Similarly, it is always good to have an emergency one of good quality.

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Why do you need a survival kit?

How can you prepare for what you did not have planned? Preparing yourself for dangers and difficulties that you take into account is already difficult, now imagine yourself in a dangerous situation in which you did not even think about being. Would it be enough with what you have at hand?

These survival kits stand out for being small packages that provide people with essential supplies when facing an emergency. They are usually used by the military and professionals who come to face earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and even accidents caused by people themselves, such as a car accident.

The items found within these kits will increase your chances of survival by helping you with some of the basic survival needs. These accessories can be carried anywhere in a small container, pocket or purse.

6 Reasons Why Buy a Survival Kit

Having a basic survival kit – Survival Kit in English – is an important decision, you may not take them into account, but you need to consider them before preparing items of equipment.

1 – Be organized

Everything is easier if things are ordered. An emergency situation becomes a less difficult matter if the items needed are close at hand. Investing in a survival kit ensures that you won’t have to waste time searching for emergency items in situations where concentration and speed are required.

2 – Staying prepared

Accidents happen when you least expect them. Carrying a survival kit always at hand, be it in a pocket or in the glove compartment of your car, this can tip the balance between success and failure . If an emergency situation arises, you will be happy to have a kit ready for you.

3 – Designed for specific activities

There are varieties of survival kits on the market. You can invest in survival equipment from different brands that specialize in specific activities, such as hiking, kits prepared for the cold, or even urban life.

4 – Safe Quality

Many people prefer to prepare their own survival kit because it is so much cheaper. However, it is not always advisable. By investing in a survival kit from the market you are assured of expertly recommended items and you don’t have to worry about the quality of these. You do not even have to do a check list to not forget anything, since they have all the essentials.

5 – Compact

Carrying 15 accessories in a small box is quite a challenge. Luckily the manufacturers have designed each of the survival items to fit perfectly in a small box . No need to worry about size and you can take it everywhere.

6 – Expert advice

Investing in one of these survival equipments will give you security as each object is inspected to maintain quality and not fail in extreme situations. Most of these kits even include detailed guides on how to use them effectively.

What should a Basic Survival Kit have?

Before buying or assembling your own basic survival kit you should be aware that you carry a survival kit. Consider most of these 10 accessories within your equipment. All of them should fit in a small container, like a tobacco can, which fits perfectly in any pocket without disturbing.

  • Matches
  • Candles
  • Magnifying glass
  • Thread and needles
  • Fishing hooks and fishing lines
  • Compass
  • Trap wire
  • Flexible saw
  • First aid kit
  • Knife
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