The 6 Best Survival Kits in 2020

Nobody expects something bad to happen, but if we knew, we wouldn’t even leave the house. Therefore, when you are going to practice some outdoor activity such as hiking, camping, climbing or other adventure sports it is important that you take a survival kit with you to help you in situations of need, which may even save lives in more extreme situations.

To avoid these events it is necessary to know how to prepare the backpack for possible emergency situations and understand why having a survival kit is so important.

How to Choose a Survival Kit

When choosing your Survival kit, it is important to first consider the type of activity you will perform and the location of the kit, as there are several different kits that may vary according to the environment and activity that will be performed.

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The ideal is to have a Kit as complete as possible and that, mainly, has first aid items. If you choose to assemble your own kit, take into account the activity and the need of the moment to assemble it according to the situation in which it will be inserted. It is very important that the Kit and all items are of high quality so that you can in fact guarantee your safety.

Why Should You Have a Survival Kit?

Having a survival kit is essential for any moment of life, whether at home, outside activities or even in the car, as you never know what might happen during the day. There are certain things that can be controlled, but not others, such as climate changes, natural disasters, accidents, among others.

If you are going on a trip or an outdoor activity it is even more recommended to have a survival kit, as you will be going on an unknown path and place, or even if it is better known, you should always be prepared for unexpected situations that may happen and that you have no control.

The Survival Kit is essential to help in these unexpected situations, as it gives the necessary tools to solve some problems in environments that we have no control over or that there is no one to help immediately.

So, you must have a Survival Kit to help you solve unexpected problems, help you with any activity you are doing and even help you in risky situations.

Regardless of the situation, especially when carrying out activities where you do not have much infrastructure and survival equipment, it is important that you always take your kit.

First Aid Kit vs Survival Kit

Many people may be confused and think that the First Aid Kit and the Survival Kit are the same thing, however it is not.

The Survival Kit may contain first aid items, but it is not a rule. The difference is that the First Aid Kit is linked to health, that is, items to help with first aid if someone has an injury or needs any health-related assistance.

Usually the First Aid Kits have: compresses, bandages, disposable gloves, adhesives, scissors, tweezers, hydrogen peroxide bottle, antiseptic, saline for the eyes, thermometers, among others.

The Survival Kit is linked to items that you can use to help you solve a problem during the activity and even help you survive for a few hours in more extreme situations. Some items that a survival kit has are: knife, ropes, compass and emergency blanket.

In summary, the First Aid Kit is used in cases that need assistance regarding your physical health, as the survival kit has to do with items to help you solve unexpected problems and even protect you so that you can survive for some hours until help arrives.

Main Items of the Survival Kit

To assemble your Survival Kit, you need to think about the possible situations you may encounter during your activity. The more complete your kit is, the better. Think of a compact and lightweight kit to make it easy to carry with you wherever you go. The main items of a Survival Kit are:


Water is an essential survival item, right? However it can be very difficult to carry many liters of water in an activity, besides being heavy it is very uncomfortable. Then take water purifying tablets, so if you need to, you can purify the water you find in a container.

First aid kit

Prepare a small bag with first aid items, they are extremely necessary if there is an emergency with injuries, burns, among others. Put in your kit useful items like gloves, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, medicines and etc.


The compass is essential to locate yourself in case you get lost. The phone runs out of battery and may not have enough signal to use GPS, so the compass enters. It will help you to orient yourself where to go, but for that you need to know which direction you need to go. The ideal is to take a map of the region to better orient yourself.

Heating blanket

The heating blanket is necessary to keep you warm in cases of survival in the forest, for example. If you need to spend more time waiting to be rescued, the blanket will keep you warm in colder environments and can save you from hypothermia.


The Whistle is an important signal. In case this object is lost it will help you to identify the place where it is. In addition to the apt you can choose to still use smoke bombs and mirror to reflect, this way you can increase the chance of being found in extreme cases.

Multifunction Knife

When hiking and adventure sports it is essential that you have a sharp object. Whether to cut food, to cut wood to make fire or even to defend yourself from different situations. It is always important to have a sharp object and the multifunction knife helps you to have several models in one, without having to carry a lot of weight.


The lighter or match is important for making a fire to keep warm at night and in colder places.


Have a few meters of rope, as this item can be useful in various situations, to tie something, to go up or down from somewhere, to help someone trapped, set up a hut, among others.

Battery Operated Radio

Take a battery-powered radio, because in an emergency you can communicate with the authorities or other people to send a rescue.

Battery Operated Flashlight

The flashlight will help you in lighting indoors and at night to see the way, so you don’t have an accident and in different situations.


Sunscreen is important to protect you from the sun if the activity lasts many hours or if you are stuck in a homeless place.


The repellent is important to avoid being bitten by insects, thus avoiding skin irritation and even diseases. Especially if you are going to do outdoor activities, remember to put the repellent in your kit.


Finally, there is the question of food. If you get lost and need to stay for hours or even days waiting for rescue it is important that you eat in some way. Therefore, it is important to have fishing line and small hooks in your kit. In addition, place some cans of non-perishable food to be useful in such cases.

Ranking: What is the Best 2020 Survival Kit?

1. Survival Kit and First Aid

Best First Aid Kit

This Survival and First Aid Kit is very complete.

Accessories help in emergency sport situations, domestic accidents, car emergency and more.

All items come in a very practical bag.

2. Multifunctional Survival Kit

Best Jungle Survival Kit

This Survival Kit is multifunctional and can be used separately according to the user’s needs.

Some essential elements that are in the kit are: compass buckle, whistle, emergency blanket, flashlight and several other practical tools.

The kit is of the highest quality, made of cold steel and its handle is aluminum. It is very resistant, so you will have it for many years.

Because it is very light and compact, it can be easily transported in backpacks, in the car and etc.

3. Outdoor Survival Kit

Best Hiking Survival Kit

This Kit is ideal for outdoor activities. The kit is light and very compact and has essential survival items for the adventurer to use in case of need.

Some essential survival items that come in the kit are: hammer, whistle, tools with several others built-in. The suitcase is light and plastic and can be easily carried in your backpack during your adventures.

4. Medical Carry

Complete Survival Kit

The Medical Carry Survival Kit is a complete kit for outdoor activities, taking in the car or having at home.

It comes in a simple bag, but is easy to carry or carry in your backpack. The kit has items like: survival tools and the main first aid items in total you have a kit of 230 pieces.

5. Survival Emergency Tool

Compact and Portable Survival Kit

This Kit is very compact and lightweight to be carried in any outdoor activity. It is made of plastic and the box measures approximately 95x65x30mm.

He will help you in any emergency whether in the open air or even in a family emergency, with the car or other extreme situations.

The kit has: 1 card blade, 1 wire saw, 1 compass, 1 whistle, 1 multifunctional pliers and 1 emergency blanket.

6. Delicate Life

Travel Survival Kit

The Delicate Life Survival Kit is very complete for travel. The items in the suitcase help to survive in extreme cases. The Kit has 12 pieces, such as: knife, compass and emergency blanket.


Regardless of the Survival Kit you choose, know that your safety and that of the people with you comes first.

When venturing into a more dangerous activity or that puts you exposed in distant places, closed woods and with little communication, always choose to have your kit to help you solve problems that may arise along the way.

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